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Acacia polyacantha Willd.

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 Fabaceae Leguminosae Mimosaceae
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Chromosome number  
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 Acacia campylacantha Hochst. ex A.Rich.
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Vernacular names  
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Origin and geographic distribution  
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 Auxiliary plants Cereals and pulses Dyes and tannins Essential oils and exudates Fibres Forages Fuel plants Medicinal plants Ornamentals Spices and condiments Timbers
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Production and international trade  
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Other botanical information  
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Growth and development  
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Propagation and planting  
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Major references  
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Other references  
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General importance
Geographic coverage Africa
Geographic coverage World
Cereals and pulses
Dye and tannins use
Ornamental use
Forage/feed use
Timber use
Carbohydrate/starch use
Auxiliary use
Fuel use
Medicinal use
Spices and condiment use
Essential oil and exudate use
Fibre use
Climate change

Acacia polyacantha
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